Quipu Consulting

From Inca to our time - accounting and control are the basis for an effective management.

Quipu - ancient mnemonic and accounting system used by Incas and their predecessors in Andes. It is a complex system of joint strings and nods. Quipu was used for double-entry bookkeeping for the first time in human history. Famous Spanish chronicler (historian) (José de Acosta) wrote that "Whole Incan Empire was managed using Quipu, and nobody could avoid those who were doing calculations with the help of nods".


Welcome to our website.


QUIPU Consulting LLC offers outsourced accounting and business advisory services in Armenia.


The staff of the company includes both high professional and young specialists who have potential for growth. Every member of our firm is a team player and has well specified and structured functions in order to ensure that all of the services rendered are done by the firm with its well-known efficiency and effectiveness.

The leaders of the company are certified specialists and have significant experience gained over the years by providing accounting, tax and financial consulting services to clients, in particular, on the following subjects: objective analysis of tax and financial legislation, methodology of calculation and scheduling of payments on taxes and other obligatory payments, development and introduction of accounting and internal control systems, cost accounting, procedure of export-import operations, currency control and regulation.


Our main goal is to provide efficient, “customer-oriented” services based on professionalism and drive for achievement of objectives and targets. While performing the job, we become a team member of the client, and not an external assistant and/or detached onlooker.


Our clients act in the following fields of Armenian economy:

  • Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Design and construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technologies